About us …

Supporting your IT needs

Quick Tec Computer Solutions cc was born in 2008 out of the desperate need for a full IT solution for medium to smaller corporations and the needs of the specialized company. The need arose for a smaller, more compact solution that would service these sites, their network needs and their computer support.

Quick Tec Computer Solutions cc identified that if a number of smaller companies joint together they could also be able to enjoy the benefits of the bigger companies and there computer solutions

This is were the bridge between and IT and business begins..

Quick Tec Computer Solutions cc is based in Gauteng but travels throughout South Africa for there clientele.

The Quick Tec Team has over 17 years of computer experience, training and knowledge base that starts with basics of A+ right up to server , ISP ,and Project Management. Microsoft products, PBX’s and even a printer solutions

The experience of having worked with the four biggest banks in the country and the biggest Mortgage Originator in South Africa adds to the expertise and knowledge thus putting us in front of the rest.

Quick Tec Computer Solutions cc have teamed up with some of the biggest and best Internet providers, computer and software providers, and PBX/VoIP providers, printer providers in the country, making sure that the best service is given at all times.

Quick Tec Computer Solutions cc is pleased to put all the years of knowledge and hard work forward in offering your company the right solutions

With great  excitement  we  added more to our portfolio ,Electronic marketing solutions and still providing clients with  specialized service in web development  and application  solutions..